Keeping Bookies Healthy

Hi, my understanding is that in order to keep your bookie accounts open for as long as possible, it’s advisable to only place value bets on major leagues - for example, as I’m in the UK it’d look pretty weird for me to be betting on a 3rd rate league in the Ukraine. I see so many of these minor competition bets come up though, what does everyone else do… just bet on them and hope for the best…?

Also, is it possible for your Betfair Sportsbook account to be closed or am I safe to bet all sorts on that as its an exchange?

It’s a strange one isn’t it…I only just started with this in the last few days, and to be honest I don’t see how value betting can really be viable unless you go for these obscure bets. The high profile matches seem to account for maybe 5% (at most) of all the bets I see coming up and if I was to only go for them it would take forever to get any kind of high volume of bets down.

Also, the bookies all offer these obscure matches for people to bet on, so there must be some rationale there, where they are ok with people putting money on them… So I’ve given up on just waiting for the big games, though I am trying to find a pattern where I typically use specific bookies for specific sports. we’ll see how it goes…

If we place bets only on Major leagues,we can’t get near the profit that you are talking about…Only we who do this and make money from this can say that.First there is no much bets from major leagues and odds are thight,and second there is no any user of valuebetting that can use all of your bookies.
Maybe 3-4 bookies,other are restricted because of residence or have bad authorizations for every bet is placed

Thank you @Vladimir_Radulovic
@roystar so it looks like the tactic is to bet on obscure games! I’ll have to start doing this though I’m dreading losing my Bet365 account as I’ve looked after it for 3 years :confused:

If you want to last long, it’s all about mixing it up with whatever makes you look like a gambler. The common paths are:

  • place a combo bet here and there. It’s difficult to be profitable on combo bets, so it makes you look dumb: I tend to place a 3 games combo bet here and there on major leagues. Don’t aim to make profit with these, but just make reasonable bet so that you don’t lose too much money on it on average
  • throw some money in the casino. Yeah just throw some bucks here and there. It’s okay to lose that money. Just don’t go wild in casino gambling mode. It’s just about throwing one or two flat stake equivalents (and if lucky you could even profit, but that’s not the aim).
  • try to aimm for at least division 1 even if an obscure country. Betting on division 1 of China is one suspicious thing, but acceptable. Betting on third division on China is definitely suspicious.
  • Give your account a credible outlook: most likely you want to bet on 1 or 2 different sports on the same bookmaker. If you crush it on esport, soccer, basket, AM football, baseball and tennis and quidditch all at once, it’s just obvious you are abusing the system. With 1 or 2 (maybe 3) sport, it looks more like you have a passion for it and maybe you are just on a hot run
  • if you have a few bookmakers at the same time, push your “luck” where you look like a poor bettor (i.e. the bookmaker where you are not profiting). For example: you crush it on Unibet, but lose on bet 365 ; overall you are in profit. If there is some more obscure value bets, make those value bets where you seem weak (bet365 in this example). They won’t notice or at least they will notice slowly because you look like a loser.

That’s what I can recommend. All in all, if you want to value bet and profit, you have to accept that at some point, you will get blocked. That’s how soft bookmakers work and it’s just inevitable if you become too profitable. You will make some money, get blocked and then you move on. Betting on soft bookies is like casino, except if you can bet with that edge like the one given by Rebelbetting.
Good luck !
Hope it helps :wink:


Thanks so much, @BetNinja - very very helpful!