Kinda Awful Re-Fresh Start :)

Well, after almost 21k bets, I was tired and pratically stopped to bet…
To create a better psychological motivation, I wanted a fresh start, so I asked the support to clear my my log… I wanted to make bets from day 1.
To be honest, I made a good money with RB, I can´t complain at all, about NOTHING.
So, monday, I started.
Three days later, I think I am going to stop forever :stuck_out_tongue:
I am aware of variance, of luck, of chance… so, I am not complaining.
BUT, after 3 days, I lost too much for my taste:



I lost 1/4 of my bankroll in 3 days, not including the monthly cost. And I did not change anything in my options/configuration…
Maybe I am just the most unlucky bastard around, atm… but I think we should know when to stop.
Sure 221 bets is a very small amount of data, but I am just going up and going down since late October… but never so much DOWN. So I am losing for 4, 5 months, cause even when I am “even”, the sub is still costing some money.
I repeat, the soft/site gave me real money, so I am grateful, but my luck seems expired :slight_smile:

Can you share your statistics by Sports and Markets to check if there is room to improve something?

I encourage you don’t conclude too much from these 3 days. Could you share your setup in Options and Filter menu? I am especially interested in your bankroll and max stake values. If you lose 25% bankroll then it should be recalculated to accomodate to the situation and for damage control.

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Guys, I am using the soft for more than a year.
I already did more than 21k bets, my filters atm are the standard (30 kelly, 2% max bet, odd 1,1 to 4).
The sports are the same I always did: soccer, tenis, hockey, basket, esports… no change, ever.
Let´s call my currency of B$, my bankroll was 7900 b$, I lost, in 3 days, around 2500B$.
This is just too much.
As I´ve said, maybe I am in a really bad luck streak, but I don´t want to risk…

Sorry to hear that @enki7. Have you considered running a high-value, low-variance setup? So for example, max odds 2.6, minimum value 4%, Kelly 25%, max bet size 1%.
It will take a while, but it should get you out of the hole.

May the variance be with you! :yoda:

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Gonna give a shot, thanks :slight_smile:

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