Late Value Found - Looking for Advice

Hi all,

This afternoon/evening as we know is quiet so I decided to extend the hours before game start to 48 hours, hoping to turn over as much as possible.

I’ve found a value bet to be even better value couple of hours after placement. I’ve placed a bet close to 3% EV , only to find a couple of hours later that the odds are increasing to create an even better opportunity at over 11% EV.

Here’s the example:

As shown on the above, the cashout is available but obviously I can’t cash out for the same amount.

Now here’s the current odds:

Can we deploy any strategy here?

I know we shouldn’t be betting on the same event twice and even if ignore the advise I don’t know what the amount will be.

Is it wise to cash out, take the loss and bet again with higher amount on much better odds?

Is £35 your max stake ? With the difference in value the stake shouldn’t be the same for both bets.

Otherwise what you could do is bet the difference between what you initially bet and the current suggested stake.

It is not,

But the application won’t change your stake automatically once you have it logged. You can change the odds and this will show current value in % but won’t’ change your stake.