Launch day: ValueBetting Pro - double your value bets!

Today we launch a new ValueBetting subscription plan, ValueBetting Pro. For you that want to maximize your profit.

ValueBetting Pro:

  • Double the number of value bets
  • Bet on sharp bookmakers, exchanges and bet brokers
  • A new sharp bookmaker added as a source of truth
  • And a bunch of smaller improvements requested by members

If you are new and curious to start value betting, now is a great time to subscribe. Sign up to ValueBetting Pro now and get 2 extra weeks for free! Act fast - this offer only lasts a few days.


Already have a ValueBetting subscription?
Check your mail inbox for more information, contact support via our website chat or email us directly.


I have a 3month subscription, so I need to wait till the end of it to try pro right? Or any chance to have the pro version added to my currently plan?

If you contact support they might be able to convert the days you have left to Pro for free :slight_smile: You will also get the extra month if you subscribe before Sunday.

Besides increasing the price you also remove features from the current plan? That’s such a lame move… Increasing the price is totally fine, you have all the right but at the same time removing features is a lame move.

I’m not renewing my subscription, for this price you can get a much better deal on other value betting services around.


You should be able to keep the current plan you have - just as usual, with no differences. We are not removing anything from your current plan. Please contact me at our website chat and I’ll assist you further regarding your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, atm, I had some money in SMarkets… now, as I am not PRO, I cannot use the software to bet there, can I?

Please contact me at our website chat or email me directly at and I’ll give you personal guidance regarding your account. :slight_smile: Please also see your email inbox, as you should have gotten an email from me recently about your account.

j ai une période d essaie de 48 heures valuebet pro
comment y accéder ?

How can I keep the current plan I have when I:

  • Cannot create more than 2 filters when before I could (I am already with 2 filters and this means I cannot create another one)
  • Cannot select BetInAsia, Sportmarket, 3et and few other bookmakers because they are now on pro subscription?
  • It seems I am limited to only 7% value bets?


These are the three things I have already noticed that I could do and I cannot do anymore.

When I subscribed this service I was told I would be able use all these features and now suddenly I have to pay more for them. This is lame and misleading your customers. I am extremely upset by this lame move.

  • If you were a customer when we launched, you will not have any value bet cap.
  • If you were using sharps before, they have not been removed for you (contact support if we have missed you).
  • Filters have been capped, but none of your filters has been removed.

Hi there,

I know, the product is not old and there are not enough bets to satisfy your significancy requirements - but I see a lot of mistrust around here, and I am also not sure what to think about it yet. If you want us to trust, I think you need to start posting some intermediate results asap.

You are right, I was not limited to 7% value bets.

You just admitted that features were removed from current customers, as I said. I want to use sharp bookies and I cannot. When I subscribed your service the agreement was that I could use any bookmaker in the bookmaker list (which included BetInAsia, 3et and others). Now I simply cannot use this bookmakers
Same goes for the filters.


My subscription is ending in 7 days and I am not renewing. Too many simple features missing and these shady business moves do not give me any trust.

We gave Pro version to customers that actually were using sharps. Just contact support and you will be upgraded.

Unfortiantly for double value bets and or those extra features like betting with betinasia with pro only, I will not pay 149 euro’s. To bad, I liked the Rebelbetting Idea, unfortiantly, it is to expensive.

sinds i have pro pervision the software is on TILT!

anyone could tell me how to reset the matches in tracker … i want to delete all matches
is it possible