LeoVegas are cheaters. Making it impossible to withdraw funds | ValueBettors

I deposited 10,000 INR and started playing. I currently have INR 21,469 and I am told that they will close my account.

They said that they will wire me 21,469 INR to my Indian bank account.

They are asking for too many unnecessary documents like a copy from the bank stating that I hold an account there. I have already given them my bank statements showing my name and account number. But, now they are saying they need a letter from the bank showing
√ Full name of customer
√ Account Number
√ IFSC Number
√ MICR Number√ BIC/SWIFT code
√ Name, address, and logo/stamp of the bank
And for proof of address, they require a physical document. They also rejected my bank statement as proof of address and when I submitted an electricity bill; now they are saying that they need a physical copy of the utility bill. No one gets a physical bill in India; everything is digital, how can I send them a physical bill.

I feel that they are trying to cheat me. What should I do now?

Wow, that’s really f*cked up… Let us know how this thing progresses. I’ve personally not had any problems withdrawing money from LeoVegas

Brother give me your contact….am also from india…maybe we can help each other……

They have stopped replying to my email.

My money is still with them and now it looks like that they won’t pay me out.

Sorry to hear that! We haven’t had any complaints from other users about having issues withdrawing from LeoVegas yet.

Have you tried to reach out to them many times? Do they give any explanation why they cannot let you withdraw your funds? Please update us on the process, and let us know where you’re at.

They have stopped replying to my emails. Looks like my money is gone.

Check what gambling license they have in your area. Then contact the license issuer, stating your case. In the email to the license issuer, CC Leovegas. Hope this can move your case forward.

Tried everything, but they are still playing games & not letting me withdraw. Came across TrustPilot review & I can confirm that they’re fraudulent company.

@Hanna @Bjorn @emilovich LeoVegas is a fraud company. I would request you guys to remove it from the RebelBetting list.

Kindly go through the Trustpilot links if you are still not sure.

The problem with Trustpilot is that every bookmaker has a poor score. LeoVegas is a legitimate company and you have broken their T&Cs so you can say goodbye to your money.

Just realized that the TrustPilot definitely has a poor score.
But, I haven’t broken any of their rules. I have been in this industry for 7 years now. I have used several bookmakers but never found any bookmaker who would not accept a bank statement as proof of address.

They’re cheaters. Full stop