LeoVegas odds always (and sometimes ComeOn) lower depending on country

For about 1-2 weeks now LeoVegas odds have been 0.01 or 0.02 lower than the ones Rebelbetting informs me, or the previously similar odds with PAF/Unibet etc.

I understand that its totally possible for two bookies using the same odds have different margins, but the weird thing here is that they are ALWAYS a bit lower than the ones that the RB system informs me. This used not be the case.

ComeOn odds are also quite often lower than informed (according to RB they should be exactly the same as Bethard) but Bethard that uses the same odds compiler has the correct odds, unless they have already changed the odds of course.

(probably you guys are getting the data from the odds compiler and not from the bookies).

Interesting. This must have happened very recently, within the last 3 weeks. We haven’t seen this on Kambi bookmakers before.

PS. We don’t use any third party services, we gather all odds ourselves.

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I also checked the odds on my mobile without logging in (IP should be different every time) with an anonymous browser to see if they had just lowered MY odds, but the odds were the same. PAF was still at 1.78.

Perhaps they’re lowered in your country? I know a lot of sites have different odds depending on your country. If you were to turn on a Swedish VPN, the odds on LeoVegas should be the same as the rest of Kambi again.

Yup :frowning: The odds indeed are the same when using a VPN from Sweden, but lowered when the using a Finnish IP. I guess the only positive take on this is that LeoVegas MUST think that us Finns are better bettors than the Swedes.


nice to see other fins here aswell. Lets hope RB add veikkaus.com to bookies soon.


Well, at least they don´t do as 1xbet: they can target you, specifically you, with lower odds.
I was target and I can prove… so I simply got out.
All 1xbets mirrors do the same.
Sometimes, the lowering odd is caused by bots betting heavingly…
In fact, I always presume the odd is lower or even melted (very common in 10bet and Bethard, by example)