Leovegas / unibet valuebets


Does someone here know how many bet i can place maximum per week on a normal week when all the leagues are playing if i just have LEOVEGAS and UNIBET as bookmakers?

Im using the starter valuebetting.

I gotta know if its possible to just go with these two and still place alot of bets every week or do i have to have a BET365 account or rebelbetting pro to get volume???

Leo- and Unibet have lots of bets but will limit you way sooner compared to B365. Usually it will last less than a month…
How many bets/week is impossible to say since it depends on the RB filter settings.

Oh okay still if i have used my leovegas account for 5-6 years and have betted for 7-8k euro i will get banned in less than a month or it should take longer since its not a new account?

It will take longer with a mature account. However, LeoVegas limits even faster than Unibet and since both are Kambi bookies they most likely share the information if it is the same account holder.

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