LeoVegas wrong odds often shown

Exactly as the title says. The odds are usually always wrong on LeoVegas

They are value bets but I don’t think I’ve come across the correct odds shown in rebelbetting that matches leovegas

Is this something that can be looked into?

I only use bet365 and leovegas so im not sure if this is a common thing for other brokers

My bet365 odds are usually write apart from the odd one here or there

Strange. My odds are almost always correct as normal…

Ah man what’s wrong with mine then. Would you be able to take some screenshots? I’ll collect a few of my own and post later

I would suggest contacting support they answer pretty fast and also know more than us… Don’t think it’s anything unsolvable.

Ah ok thanks Ill try that! :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m also using only bet365 and Leo and you’re right. The odds are faulty on Leovegas sometimes. But not all of the time. I would say from my experience 30-40% av the bets on Leo is wrong, and probably 10% of Bet365. How big is the sample? Could just be unlucky for a period. Hope it gets better!