Less variance - settings

Hi there,

My name is pula and I am new here

I want to start the journey and I was wondering if these settings will help reducing the downsize/variance/negative variance how it’s called here

Time to start to the sporting event: 1 hour
Odds max: 2.5

What else do you suggest to reduce as much as possible the downsize without cutting heavenly the yield?

Yes thanks Simon.

I was more interested in ideas how to radically remove variance.

That is why my idea for 1 hour time to event

Other ideas gathered

  1. prioritize main leagues over lower leagues
  2. Reduce Kelly to 20%
  3. Raise the % minimum to at least 2.5
  4. Turn off AFOB
  5. No tennis and esports
  6. Max odds 2

What do you think about these settings?

Will they be effective in radically reducing variance while not cutting deeply into profitability?