Let me tell a story: How I got banned from the sportsbooks

Once upon a time, a very smart bettor named Mikael was making money hand over fist. He used two proven betting strategies - value betting and sure betting - to rake in 12K Euros through RebelBetting.

But then the sinister bookmakers got wind of his winning ways, and they banned him from their sites. Still, Mikael managed to keep his fortune safe, slipping through their fingers like sand…

So what do we want to say with this video?

Value betting and sure betting should be seen as a great chance to make a substantial amount of money in a quite short time. It can provide a healthy side income (or full income), and bring you more profit than you would get with other investment methods.

But this form of investing will probably not go on forever. It is not an eternal money-making machine (at least not for most of us). Bookmakers will eventually see that you are a smart bettor, and you’ll probably get restricted. It’s important that you know this.

Nobody knows when/if/why a bookmaker will limit. Some bookmakers won’t limit you at all, but some do. Some limit fast - and some slow.

How can I avoid bookmaker limitations?

There are ways to postpone and prolong limitations further. With these tips you will hopefully stay unlimited for a longer time.

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