Life after bookmakers

Can anyone UK based tell me if it’s still possible to make money once you lose bookie accounts? I’ve been doing this since October and ROI is 300%, so no complaints there, but I’ve started getting gubbed with bookmakers. Just this weekend I lost 2 BWin and an 888 account.

I’m on the basic tier, but if I upgrade to Pro and use exchanges and brokers (only looks like one works in UK), is it still possible to make steady profits? Anyone been doing this long term?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, please read the forum, a lot has been written here.

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Hi, I did have a search but couldn’t see anything specifically mentioning this, especially not posted within the last 18 months. A lot of bookmakers have closed in the last 18 months so I was hoping to get an idea of how profitable it is currently before taking the plunge on pro membership.

Im in the UK, and started RB last May, so probably considered long -term from what Ive seen on this Community :)…Some recommend getting friends/family to open books for you , so allowing a bit more bets, but those recommending this prossibly dont realise that in the UK the Bookies are spying on you intensely , right down to your IP address. If they see an account opened 2o miles away, but used at your locale ( and youve either had your account shut down or gubbed to the point where its not worth betting- Ive got Bwin & SPortingbet restricting me to 0.84p per bet!)…thet will shut that account too …and in an extreme case you / your “friend” could end up in serious crap for deliberately frauding the Bookmaker. As regards upgrading to Pro…I have plenty of bets on value version…but as im banned on Betfair/Bet365/Skybet/ and restricted to death on W Hill/Unibet/32Red I am not seeing value in upgrading. I had a trial on Pro but hardly got any extra bets at all. The exchange i use ( Matchbook) has no liquidity…and the 3 bets I placed were a ball-ache-- as the odds change before you get matched in a lot of cases. Ive been wondering how to prolong my Value Betting …and have asked Hanna if she has any suggestions…but still await reply…the only ABOVE BOARD way of prolonging is if RB can increase the Bookies available asap . I have asked members but no proper replies as of yet…if they have any experience using any Brokerage that operates in the UK…Good luck Mate!

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Thanks, this is super useful.

I’ve got a few accounts from matched betting, but similar to you they’ve started to get restricted and I don’t really have a way to get more accounts once these die.

So are you still making decent returns after 10ish months? Did you try using any brokers whilst doing the pro trial?

Ever tried the betfair exchange. I know if using the exchange you do not get limited. And maybe through some broker you get access to the asian bookies.

I have BFEX account, but I’ve no idea whether in the pro tier it provides many bets. I’d assume that being an exchange, the odds were pretty sharp. Has anyone had much success with Betfair on pro?

Hey man I am in the same position as you man.

I’ve burned trough all of my bet365 account. Altrough they are limited I can sometimes still place 5-10-15€ bets (but mostly only around 3€)

I am using 2 limited accounts atm so I can still make a decent amount of profit, I just need to set my expectations a little bit lower since I’ve done a 800% ROI in 4 months haha .

I am not sure if and when bet365 will limit me to the pennies since I’ve only been doing it a few days now.

Maybe something to consider

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You tried any like 10bet, 888, Unibet, 32red, BWIn? They’ve been solid enough for me, only when I’ve really start hammering them have they started to drop off.

I might do the 2 week pro trial, see if it’s doable, then decide whether to give up on it all and take the money!

yea but unibet bwin and betway all restricted me under 500€ profit

Usually get gubbed same day I open the account for Betway :joy: