Life as a value better after being gubbed by Bet365 and unibet

My first weekend betting without bet365 and Unibet has been a quiet one.
I have Ladbrokes, Betway,Coral and 888sport and i havnt had even over 10 bets from them all together so I am asking is it worth it when my two main bookies have gubbed me?
I have a few family friends who can ask for accounts but that rarely works in the long term.

Appreciate any advice.

Remember that a gubbed bet365 account can still generate 500€ per month, if you can get a hold of 4 accounts you can still make decent profit.

I only lasted 2 days on a restricted account

Strange man, this is the second month I am using my limited accounts with 500€ profit per account

Hi sir, How you could generate money with a gubbed account?

Just place all the bets with the max stake amount they allow you

Why not use Pinnacle?

Its a sharp bookie and I live in the UK