Limitation differences between bookmakers

I’m making this post in hopes that the community could share some of their personal experiences and theses around getting limited so we might get a better understanding of how the limitation process works on all the different bookies.

From the shallow research I’ve done I’ve gathered that most bookies/odds providers have “traders” that work with looking through accounts that an algorithm has flagged as having suspicious betting activity. The trader then makes a call wether that flagged account is a good investment for the bookie. If the account is deemed as a bad investment the max stake of that account will be severly limited.

My personal experiences as an arbitrage bettor


I was Limited by bet365 after 3 months of arbing and a total of profit of 4 500eu on their site.
I was probably limited because I started to heavily abuse very big arbs between them and Svenska Spel div2 swedish football. often staking 500eu. This was also an old account, first bet placed 2017.

Kambi bookies

On both Leo Vegas and Expekt I didn’t survive for long. mostly placing bets on NBA AH and various tennis markets, some soccer here and there. Strangely enough I’ve been very active on two other Kambi bookies closing in on 5 months now and the max stake has remained very high on those. i’ve also experienced that max stake and availiable leagues varies between kambi bookies,


My account on betway was operational for about 2 months, but then instantly limited after I bet on Jordanian basketball, no real shocker there as to why I was banned. My account was also frozen a week before being limited because I wouldn’t answer their phone calls. When I took to answering their representative asked the standard KYC, AML and responsible gambling questions. I lied like there was no tomorrow; maybe I wasn’t to convincing.


I was Limited after 3 weeks, winning 1 100eu on their site. Mainly betting on NBA AH


I don’t think I’ve been limited by any of these sites yet but the max stake on medium sized leagues and tennis matches is often around 50eu not making it worth to place an arb. larger events has much higher max stakes.

What I’ve been doing to avoid getting limited is rounding my stakes by 50eu if the stake is over 200eu. And betting on domestic leagues or leagues/sporting events that It’s reasonable for a swedish man to know about.

Thanks for reading and please do respond with your personal experiences and share if you have some information that’s relevant to this topic

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Great post man! But Expekt isn’t a Kambi bookie.
^^ Found out Expekt is a Kambi bookie, im sorry.

They have been a Kambi bookie since march this year.

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oh okay, sorry mate :slight_smile: edited my post. before posting i took a quick look at the premier league odds on expekt and leovegas and they weren’t completely similar.

e: seems like expekt doesnt work on VB pro.