Limitation problem

Limitation really is the big problems when betting. Recently I used a friends bet365 account and was limited, even though I had not made any profit on that account. I had only used my phone in the private browser and 4G. Still I was limited, without any profit. That really sucks. I havent placed more than 10 bets in a single day.

What do all you people do, when you get limited. I´m running out of accounts. Are you buying accounts? Is there any other way?


have you tried betting agents?

After how many bets got limited? and what was your betting stake?

About 150-200 bets and stakes was around 20-25 euros.

I am at 204 bets and all is ok. Maybe you made a lot of bets with the same betting amount. This way bwin banned me in 4 days ( and also played like 10 games in 30 mins because I was testing) anyway, try also use incognito if you have web version

how large were your bets?

Hi bet365 limited me either. After 200 bets and 15euro stakes. I’ll open a new account and I’ll play more attention… no AH and less bets

€20-25 bets. Also made some doubles

That is disturbing…
They donot cover that in the e-book.

Try not to play 15 euro again and again 200 times, it is not normal . Try altering the numbers

Yes I’ll do.
Thanks …

If you’re talking about the ebook (arbitrage bootcamp), there’s an entire chapter about limitations.