Limited att bet365 what to do

was limited after 2 hours at bet365, now seems like they had 90% of the games.

From Sweden

what to do?

Do not waste your time with Bet365. They will block your bets all over time.
I’ve already blocked my bets and asked me to withdraw my money.

Same here, from italy :frowning:

What did you do before that??? Im from your neighbour and member about five weeks and hammering at least 2200 bets (~10 euro) in Bet365 + other sites. And banned/restricted in 3 sites with ridiciliously good ROI%. No broplems with Bet365.
Before i start trading and start RB software i clear my history and i wont open sites that are related in sports betting. Tipping services, value betting, surebetting…
I open like ten times a day RB software and when i trade i dont do like 30 bets in a row in few minutes. I make daily “stupid” bets like parlays maybe some casino and so on. In Bet 365 im up about 650 euros.

I have a bet365 account for many years.
I started with secure bets. I have limited myself to 20-30 euros limit.
Starting in November 2018, I started with value bets with small amounts of 2 to 5 euros and even smaller. After a month, I was limited to a maximum of 1% of the maximum bet per event, or 1 to 7 euros.
January 2019 blocked my cashout. At the end of March they blocked my account by letting me withdraw the money. In addition to value betting, I played a lot of tennis.
I will no longer comment on the topic. I think everyone should judge for themselves.
My opinion is that there is no way to avoid the limitation, the question is when it will be. Until then, take advantage because really Bet365 is good (sponsor).
That’s what I say because we are looking for a huge number of bets for a short time. Do you think that our actions may go unnoticed.
I think we need to look for bookmakers unfamiliar to the European market. Asia Australia, America or even Africa.
Good old Europe is not home to our business.

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my advice - do not buy from that guy, looks suspicious

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