Limited & bookmakers in Belgium

Good afternoon,

I’ve started 2 weeks ago with value betting and i’ve been limited pretty fast for the following bookmakers:

  • Bwin
  • Betfirst

Today, i just got limited by Napoleon games after 2 weeks.
This means that i only got Unibet left as a bookmaker… I didn’t expect to be limited this fast, i’ve followed the tips from the website & others, but i seem to have some bad luck and i’ve been placing a lot of bets.

Now my question is, what other bookmakers can i use in Belgium in combination with RebelBetting?
Is there a bookmaker / betting exchange available in Belgium that will not ban me / allow me for a good amount of time?

Anyone has some advise on what bookmakers i can best use, unfortunately, the ones like smarkets, pinaccle,… are not available in Belgium.

Thanks in advance for any advice on other bookmakers i can use / maybe a bookmaker where i won’t get limited / banned


Edit: I’ve also been using betway, but there aren’t a lot of valuebets coming in on rebelbetting for them + they change the odds rapidly
Ladbrokes, unfortunately i have the belgian version, which seems to not have everything available (no draw no bet sometimes)…

Here is your list my friend:

  • scooore, equivalent to unibet, but they limit quickly
  • Goldenpalace, is equal to starcasino
  • 777, equivalent to betfirst (or very close)

Please throw me a bitcoin when you are rich ;-p
If ever you find some other bookie that would be mirrors of other, I am also glad to know :wink:

And I can confirm:
ladbrokes doesn’t work
betway: not many vb indeed

Cheeers !