Limited in 48 hours


Just started ValueBetting, running rather hot and way +EV. I’ve added around 100 bets in the last 3 days. Just 14 bets on Marathon with -14€ results, and I got absolutely limited on that site which is a huge cooler. Is there generally any way out of this? I’ve added few casino plays etc on every site I’ve deposited. Does limitation happen to others? I’ve read the manual of how to avoid limitations but doesn’t seem to work. William is also limiting me since 5th bet, but it’s still doable since some markets I can truly make a bet.

My concern is: can I realistically do 30 around +5% EV bets day after day? If it starts to get rocky now with 2k bankroll and 20€ bets, I can believe it will be much, much harder with 50€ bets.

Any tips for me?

With love from Finland!

I never any pleasure VBing with marathon. they limit very fast, faster than a tennis serve-in ^^

Yes, same here after one week betting and profit -27 Euros Marathon started to limit with maximum 0.5 Euros stakes. I think Marathon should not be in the recommended bookmaker list here at all.