Limited on Bet365, tips? (mostly for swedes)

Hello! Just got limited on Bet365 after 63 000kr+ on Bet365. Right now I am only using Leovegas, but given the fact that Bet365 was probably 80% of my bets, and also more lucrative bets, I probably wont continue paying for the service.

If I can’t do anything about it, thats why im writing this. Does anyone have any tips on how to keep betting on Bet365? Or some obscure betting site that still has good value if you are living in Sweden?

Borrow familys account? VPN? Anything? Or is Bet365 too smart for those solutions? Any good other sites? Leovegas, Unibet, Casinostugan and so on are all using the same odds so you can only use one of them.

Would appreciate help a lot!!

Create accounts in the names of friends and family(legally and with consent), that easy


And you do not get limited right away? I guess bet365 limited my IP address. And I can’t use a vpn. They will just see that I am using the same IP with another name for sure? No?

I’d try avoiding any similarities to your old account.

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Hit and miss, if the account last for a week then you’re in the clear(usually my case)