Limited on betway already (value betting)

hi all, new to value betting but not to matched betting or arbs. im only 1400 bets deep but its going the right way for me so far.
anyway i already had an open betway account i opened for the signup offer and has been dormant since. started using it again yesterday after the update and doubled a small account in one day. im now limited to £4.22 max stake. might have been because a high volume of bets out of nowhere, who knows? but be careful with this one, think i might have lost a bunch of profit by jumping in to quick


Thank you for sharing.

I am in the same situated with Betway and William Hill. Two of my biggest fish.

Are you still betting on a limited account of do you think it’s a waste of time betting so little?

In your opinion will it ruin the variance?
Example, placing lots of £15 bets and placing limited bets at £1.22 on William.
The winning bets on William Hill will not cover the loses on the £15 bets.

I’m still new to the game and any help would be appreciated.