Limited on partypoker


After 5 bets on NBA AND NHL i got limited on Partypoker
so no matter what leagues you bet you will get limited.

Did you bet a specifically high amount on each bet ?

no, 50-100€ per bet

That is suprising, but I guess some bookmakers are more defensive than others. I had it on Betway after around 30 bets. Also betting in the 50-100 range. The thing is that Betway was not offering a lot of opportunities for value bet so I have been betting on most of what was popping up → as a result my user profile was probably quickly flagged because I was betting on weird leagues and very different sport with success.

Your case seem a bit more hardcore. It’s also possible they managed to tie your party poker account with another account you have been value betting on ?

i was not even doing value,
i did sure bets and on NLB LEAGUES

well sure betting is more obvious than value betting, so maybe they managed to get the info by communicating with other bookies.

tbh its same value is to high odds. and sure bets is same…

so its pretty similar.

so its realy hard to know, but to get limited on NBA is rly bad.
my opinion is that rebel shoud work more for sharps non limited bookies
not adding soft one for 2 days account

It’s definitely not the same in terms of pattern detection. I just don’t know how data flow between different bookmakers, but it definitely requires different detection criterion. My assumption is that sure betting is easier to detect with a smaller sample of bets, especially if they somehow communicate data between bookies. Just a guess

on sure bets are round

on value is 33,44 and like that