Log in issue? Saved password not recognized?

Have anyone else experienced any log in issue?
My log in, with saved password is not working anymore.
Get message: “Incorrect login details were provided. Note that both password and email are case sensitive. Also, if you have a user on our Community, the email and password are not necessarily the same.”
Maybe it has something to do with daylight saving time that kicked in in the night between Saturday and Sunday.

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mines working alright and Ive gone through the same daylight ( waste of time and effort) …so maybe its th eold fix of clearing cookies etc

forgot to say— I am experiencing "in play " bets so something is wrong RB end

It was a real log-in issue. The Discord was full of users experiencing the same thing. That issue is now fixed but like you said now we are 1 hour off. See example with Unibet. I have sent mail to support about it.