Long term divergence between CLV% and yield%?

Just wondering if anyone has any long term (5000+ bets) positive divergence and how they feel they have achieved it.

I am at 5.36% vs 2.48% but it has only been 1200 bets so i am not prepared to call it a trend,
I don’t tend to take many of the bets below 1% of my bankroll.

Yes. I have a positive divergence at 15k+ bets.

Thanks for the response.

I will assume you mean 15k bets, lol.
Are you doing anything different or just been fortunate?
I often wonder about bets where there are many options, O143, O144, O145 for example. I usually take the highest ev% bet, but wonder if taking the option that suggests the largest bet size would be more profitable.

Yeah. 15+k bets.
In your example of bets I would try to pick the one with odds close to 2 and/or highest EV.
You can also spread your risk… If , like in your example, there are 3 bets you select 1/3 of the Kelly and bet on all 3.

Thanks, i like that idea, it helps since i am limited a lot anyway. Not sure why I didn’t think of that!

That won’t help much when you are limited. They will limit even further on the subsequent bets.