Losing and losing bets

I started RB for about 2 weeks ago and at the beginning I I made like 3500kr but since the third day I’ve been losing and losing money. I don’t know what to do.

I would bet more underdogs, 2.01 seems a bit low, what are your settings?

That’s what happened to me also, I continued till I recovered my loss but nothing more unfortunately.

I would put the max odds at 3.00 and change the time to match start at 8h max. Try to add other sportsbooks, bet365 is good for volume but maybe u have access to softer books in your area.

take only 3.5 value bets when the time to start is short (not more than 4 hours… ish). The further away to start you should take higher value. At 24 hours I would not take bets less than 5% value.
Whats up with the Kelly? You have it at 100%… Are you flat staking or…?

Yes im flat staking. Should I change it or…?

How do you decide how much you should stake?

I just stake the same amount on all my bets. 1% of my bankroll

Kelly is better but there s always someone that says that flat staking is better… but really, Kelly is better.

I’m new to this. What’s Kelly? Which number should I put there??

Put 25 or 30%.
I strongly encourage you to read the value-betting guide that explains the different settings.