Losing Bet365 accounts and others what to do?


i didnt properly value bet get but did trial and started puttiing on about 30 bet365 bets but cashed them all out as wasnt feeling te process or possible downswings at that stage

But I have been sue betting for a while now on and off but got needlessly greedy on bet365 after they paid out on a double result. Did 3 arbs of 100 each and was obvious so they said i am restricted probably down to 1 like the other account.

Question is what to do after losing bet365? Can you still balue bet without bet365 successfully?

I see people placing bets on smarkets and exchaanges with some success/ Are these excange bets included in the RB starter package and pro?

Kind Regards

Yes you can create another account with them, with different email and start up again make sure you keep their rules and regulations and never place arbs on the same Bet365 account, when a bet is being placed don’t cash it out! try to have a multiple different betting account if you’re betting on arbs.

Hi, i was using a girlfriends account too but both limited now.

i dont see how i can get another bet365 account. You need new ip, new device, new email, and someones name to use and them to setup a bank account for you to use also

Without bet365 at all is it even worth bothering? It sounds like other accounts dont make much before they are limited