Losing on purpose to avoid limitation

Of course we all know that Bet365 is the heaven of value bettor, but eventually the site will limit you. I was wondering if it would be possible to make yourself a losing bettor on Bet365 and transfer the winnings of value bets to other bookies trough arbitrage (because I don’t care if the other bookie limits me).

In the long run the money will spread 50/50 on both sites, but if you you choose high odds on Bet365 side, it could work for a while. But it all comes to luck so I don’t think it’s optimal. What do you guys think?

If this worked, Bet365 would never limit you because you’re a losing player. And the other bookie is now responsible of paying the mistake of Bet365 giving too high odds. Would be win for us, and win for Bet365 :smiley:

I see what you’re saying. One thing you could do to “warm up” your account (if you have a newer account and just deposited) is you could intentionally try to lose the first deposit bonus by betting on random shit. For example, if you have a deposit bonus of $100, you could split that up into 10 random $10 live bets. That will make you seem like a punter. Then you could just lay the other side of that bet on another bookie to hedge it/take a minimal loss. You wait a few days, and then re-deposit. That might be enough to buy yourself some time. Just a thought

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