Low or High Bets?

For your Experience, better to bet with Low Bets (1.40/2.90) or with High Bets (2.00/5.00)

I am using RB from a week and I’m curious to know your replies

Thank you

Low odds anyday anytime

Your range?

From 1 - 2.5(sometimes 2.8 but rarely though)

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If I assume that you have 30% Kelly staking strategy then the basic setting (1.40/2.90) is just fine.

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I have 30% Kelly staking strategy and Max stake 2%

With max stake at 2% you should definitely not go with Lm10s suggestion of odds (1-2.5)…

Why? High stakes on lower odds with good value is all everyone wishes for

What? A value bet is a value bet! Kelly staking adapts it to the value and the odds!
IMO ,your advice of odds range 1 to 2.5 is just bad… The guys at TMSS take bets all the way up to 5.0. Having written this you are entitled to your opinion and to do as you wish.
Good luck.

I use TMS at the moment for your info but like you said everyone’s entitled to their opinion (600%+ ROI in a month using that odds range so i just thought it would be great to share my settings/presets)

That is nice but TMS does not translate directly to RB. :innocent:

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