? never a value

hello everyone I am a new user and I am testing the values, I am carrying out my operations with the books I have selected. Is it possible that a value never comes out on I get the books that I have selected (some more, some less) but never marathon … is there any error?

Qualcuno può darmi una risposta??

Hi, I also play from Italy.
I started only with Bet365, after 2 weeks I added Unibet and WhilliamHill.
It’s been more than two months since I use Rebel and out of about 4000 bets, 3900 on bet365, 100 on unibet and <10 on WhilliamHill.
So I have no difficulty believing that there are few value bets on marathonbet.
I have not tried all the books available in Italy, but I think the best for value betting is Bet365.

Marathonbet is probably not currently supported. It was still working before the war.

in the settings there is but I never got half a value bet on that site.
I just can’t understand.

me too from italy.
all books such as unibet leovegas betclic have shares of value albeit less than 365 in which I operate 99% of the value.
it seems strange to me that marathon does not even have half.