Matched Betting to avoid Account Limiting

Hi all.

I am yet to be in a position to test this theory but here it goes: Bookies limit players who win too much… we all know this, so what if maybe the solution is to win less? Here me out! You only have to win less as far as the bookie is concerned, in fact, maybe you shouldn’t be winning at all say, breaking even? This way the bookie has no reason to limit you because, like everyone else, you aren’t winning.

But how could this be possible whilst still maintaining a profit? Well, its a known fact that exchanges do not limit their players no matter how much they win so–> my theory would be to play the bookies for a few weeks then, when you have accumulated some winnings, lose the winnings… to yourself on the exchanges. This way your bookie winnings are sent crashing to 0 and your money is safely transferred to your exchange account where you can withdraw without fear.

Yes this would be more effort, on top of this, it would require some trial and error as not all matched bets will transfer money in the right direction… but this is also where RB could help! If they offered a software that showed sure bets (for 0% profit) from the bookie to the exchange, with higher probability of exchange win, it could ease the process greatly!

In summary: reduce profit on bookies (after accumulating some winnings) to 0 by making matched bets (using your winnings)(favourable to being won on exchange) to reduce likelihood of account limitation on bookie and for easy withdrawal.

Many thanks, let me know what you think!


What do you think about it?

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I am actually doing this anyway, i am making very small losses but because i am restricted on horses, it is taking a long time as my RB profit is outweighing it but football starts again soon so will be quicker :slight_smile:
I am hoping, i know it won’t happen but hope bet365 see it and bring my horse racing account back into line :slight_smile:

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best of luck

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