Max Stake - Bankroll and settings

Hey - Just wanted to get any thoughts or opinions on this. I have been doing this for about 3 weeks from the UK, mainly on Bet 365 and 10bet due to limitations - I’ve made £600 after 3 weeks on £1200 bankroll and 2% stake in the settings - but wish to up it a bit now to increase margins - shall I just increase the bankroll to around £2000, or the stake to 4%, or both?


I am also fairly new so take this with a pinch of salt: If its working, don’t fix it. I started value betting with a friend and he changed few setting and I did not. He is now struggling with variance and I just keep winning steady. If you have a 1.2k bankroll and made 600, then update your bankroll to 2k and keep rolling!

There are several posts already about various staking- and bankroll management strategies. RB also have a good article on it. I do not want to repeat answers to questions that already been answered several times. I am sure that you can find it with a bit of effort

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Thanks for your input!
Being limited is a big issue now in that I won’t be able to put on near enough bets, so next step is going via the brokers…