MrPlay breaking regulations?


I was wondering whether anyone else has had a similar experience with any other betting companies like I have done with Mrplay.

On the 23/24th feb 2024, I opened an account with MrPlay they did an age check reference credit verified my details fine.

I deposited over £1200 between those two days and withdrew £2300.

They asked me to submit documents which I did.

Today I then received an email saying my account has been closed due to discrepancies found. I have been on live chat to ask what those were and they still won’t tell me.

They go on to say my withdrawal has been voided and my deposits have been confiscated?

Is this legal?

As they are profiting even though I had won a bet.

Definitely illegal

I agree with @emilovich
Is this in Denmark? Does MrPlay have a Danish or European gambling license?