Im new on the community and i just started using rebelbet.

Im just thinking into the future now, but I understand that bookers accounts can be restricted someday, so I want to ask does anyone know can you create multiple accounts from same location without getting instantly banned?

Like if you just buy VPS could that work for being non-detected as a same person?

Im just curious and want to know that can you create new accounts to continue profitig long as possible.

Thank you for replies and have a nice day everyone! :slight_smile:

Hey there!

A VPS would definitely work for some bookmakers. However, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be able to access bet365 on a VPS because they blacklist all the IPs from datacenters around the world. This is also why you can’t access bet365 through a regular VPN. But if you’re talking about another bookie that can be accessed through a VPN, it should also work through a VPS since they use similar types of IPs.

The only drawback with a VPS is that it can be a bit annoying to place bets because you’d always need to switch between windows. Your best option would be to use software like Incogniton. It’s free for up to 10 profiles and comes with a built-in fingerprint spoofer. Plus, it allows you to link separate proxies to each profile. When you run a profile through Incogniton, it simply opens a new browser tab with all the spoofed elements.

Hope this helps, and happy betting! :smile:

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Alright, thank you!:blush:

Do you need to use the proxies ?

If you want to access bet365 you will need residential proxy’s or you can just use your mobile hotspot

I used this is an account that I had yesterday , got 30 bets on (£20 stake) then hot got restricted , this was on a mobile hotspot and also on the same MacBook I used for a 2 previous accounts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I have already paid my friends and family and got 6 accounts to do