Multiple bet types and edges on some games.Which one should i choose?

Hi there,

Really new to this just started today.

I have noticed in the bets section that there are mulitple edges on the same game but in different markets some similar some not.
How should i approach this as there doesn’t seem to be much point in betting 4 or 5 times on one football match.

Should i take the largest edge, better odds etc ?

Any advice would be welcome.


I would take highest edge. With lowest odds ovet 1.5. Also maybe prefer home team bets If available

Thanks Ekekeke. That sounds good to me.

No sense in betting multiple markets on the same game/match

Thanks again

Well I suppose you could place Over/Under and Winner/Asian handicap but for me I always allow only one bet per event just to make the process faster

Thanks again.

Am glad my thinking is on the right track I do believe one bet one event is best

Please Also remember that Time before event start is quite big Factor to volatility and value. Especially for sharp bookmakers.