My 1800+ bet result

Hi, i want to share my 1800+ bet result since i will no longer tracking all my bets (i got limited on 3 best bookies available for me, and its time consuming)
So i will think to re-register again using different ID on vps


Looking at my rebel subs expiry, its still have 11 days, so this graph is my 20 days of hard work (the first day i do about 100 bet but i not record on the logbook)

I will now try to breakdown the data by the odds and the EV percentage value, hope this data will support this community

EV negative - 2% (average 1%):
sample size: 143
Total turnover $853 (expected ROI $8.53)
Real ROI: $220
Basically, I am not taking any trade below 2%, but sometimes when i click the bet button, the odds shift and i still place the trade for fun.

EV 2.01%-4% (average 2.87%):
sample size: 924
total turnover: $8616 (expected ROI $247)
Real ROI: $193.9
This is the most trade level i usually take

EV 4.01%-8% (average 5.43%):
sample size: 536
total turnover: $6527 (expected ROI $354)
Real ROI: $378
I take this trade prior 6hrs to kick off

EV 8.01%+++ (average 9.84%):
sample size: 109
total turnover: $1427 (expected ROI $139)
Real ROI: $164
same as above, i usually take this trade prior 6 hours to kick off, but last few days, i have widen my filter to 0.5 days. So last few days, i took 8%+ trade prior to 12hours before kick off

Odds 1.2-1.5 (average ROI 3.27%):
sample size: 253
total turnover: $3039 (expected ROI $99)
Real ROI: $54

Odds 1.501-2 (average ROI 4%):
sample size: 1006
total turnover: $10.986 (expected ROI $439)
Real ROI: $685

Odds 2.001-3 (average ROI 4.2%):
sample size: 449
total turnover: $3458 (expected ROI $145)
Real ROI: $164

This is still a small sample size, but I hope this data will useful to this community, even for anybody reading this but not yet purchase rebel, just do it. It really works.


why have you been limited so fast? what bookmakers did you use? if they limit so fast it is really difficult to have a continuous gain.
Thank you for your experience, they are important to me that I would like to start next month.

Hold on for just a few more weeks. We have a pleasant surprise for you lined up :slight_smile:


Because i do about 1000 bet per week, most of them are from bwin, bet365 and marathon
Marathon limits me on the first week
Bet365 and bwin on 3rd week

dont know but my personal opinion is that you have made way too much bets and too guickly.
specially in bet365 you should not hammer like 30 bets in 5 minutes. What i do is i make few bets and then i make few bets in some other bookie and back to bet365. I have made around 4000 bets in bet365 (10-25 euros) and no problems. And i try to avoid smaller leagues. And every day i make stupid parlays and correct score doubles.
I started in bet365 with 500 euros and now im 2450

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how long did you go from 500 to 2450 on bet365? from what to play with value bets?

Under two month. Last weekend was just amazing +800. Altought a little bit of luck. There was several double and triple signals that went right.
My max odds are 15

do you use fees up to 15.00? many on the forum suggest 1.5-3.00! Good job

yes i trade also bigger odds. now there is good signal- Olimpia Asuncion (Par) - Sporting Cristal (Per). sporting to win 7.5 and pinnacle offers 5.5. supergood value. i think you should try to trade odds up to 5.00. So much good draws with good value.

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wow thats great. how many total bets are you making with all bookies?

hard to say. I havent keep track on my bets. didnt get that work in the beginning . maybe 2500 bets

Can i ask , if you see a bet in 365, can u just press at sbo . Would it be the same in a way ?

What do you mean? how it is same?

If the odds are the same or higher then yes.

If not, enter the SBO odds into the betting browser (software), or bet details (web) and see if there’s still a value.

Hi this means that you will have an easier solution?