My bet 365 account ungubbed

H i all, I’ve not used my bet 365 account on here as i was cautious of it getting gubbed.

I was over £2 k up with this account when i used it last, Mostly on ep’s and 2 up’s.
Not done any ep’s for over a year now and same with the 2 ups. I’m kind of dithering of using my bet 365 on rebel.
Someone mentioned even when your gubbed from them, you can still place many bets, but the value is not great.
I’m on the saver middle package where i got it at half price for 1 month.

Just got me thinking as i see many value bets do come up with 365, but is it worth me losing my account.
Look forward to any views

IMHO, the account is only worth the profit you can extract from it. Maybe you enjoy the excitement and process of betting and in that case it will hold some additional value. I try to maximize the profit from the soft bookies, not the time I can hold onto the accounts.
Good betting.

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Yeah thats a good point.
I keep thinking to myself its sitting there doing nothing.
Probably holding back if i go back to 2ups and Cheltenham.