My experience from 2 months of Valuebetting


After 2 months of valuebetting using Rebelbetting software I can say that I am pleased with the results!
Over 100% profit on initial bankroll and a hell of a ride :wink:

Since this was October-November 2018 I have actually forgotten what settings I where using. But some things I remember is that I used Kelly 30%, max stake 2%, bet on everything above 3% value, and odds between 1,6-3,1.

My by far most profitable bookie was Bet365 and soon there after Leovegas.

The graph and stats above shows the results from all my 900 bets during the 2 month period!
As u can see, my profitcurve (the blue one) went bananas in the start but the EV eventually caught up on me. It was a fun ride, and I am sure I will get back to the valuebetting within a short while.


Impressive start you hade there :slight_smile:

I had an insane run with 888sport (same odds as Leovegas) in November/December. Felt like I won almost every bet.

Добрый день! Подскажите подалуйста, что такое Келли 30%, не могу ни как понять. Заранее спасибо за ответ!

See this page

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Can you share your software parameter settings?