My experience with WilliamHill. Best bookmaker ??

So I’ve started value betting one week ago and my favorite bookmaker was WilliamHill. Surprisingly they had so many overpriced odds (especially in Ice Hockey). My average bet was with ~7% value.

So I started betting with stakes up to 10€. I made profit 91,34€.
Today I’ve got this message:

I was completely aware that they quickly limit winning players, but I was surprised to be limited so fast, only ~90€ profit and you’re out haha…

What is your experience with WilliamHill ?
If you got limited, what other bookmakers are the best for you ?

I was thinking to create another account with my friend’s ID, but probably it’s not worth it. Probably they give you maximum one month to bet and you’re out again.

how many bets did you bet ?
how many days did you bet ?
what is your total turnover ?
did you get any “other warning” messages from william hill ?

I also made one surebet, made profit 49.09€ from 53.94€.

Value bets :

  • TOTAL 91 bets
  • 6 days of betting
  • Turnovers : 320€

PROFIT : 42.25€ + 49.09€ (from 1 surebet). Total profit : 91.34€

I think good strategy would be to keep negative balance in soft bookmakers by regularly losing with surebetting.
For example, search for surebets where soft bookmaker has odds @5.00 and sharp bookmaker - @1.30.
Most likely you’ll win in sharp bookmaker every time. For example, you make 20 of these surebets and you have negative balance of 1000€ in soft bookmaker (if you bet at least 50€ per surebet). Then admins should look at you as a losing player and they won’t limit you.

wow … sounds crazy, that only after 91 bets and 6 days and so small profit, they limited you
I was planning to bet on WilliamHill too … but I will rethink that

next time, try to bet smaller bets … max 5€

someone has the same experience ?

I had my account closed this week after 2 surebets and 4 valubets came in.

Total loss to them was probably only €50 but quickly shown the door.

I received no warning or stake limitation - just not allowed to log back in and returned my account balance.