My first limiting

I feel like I’ve finally joined the club, I just got my first limiting message. Bovada apparently felt that the $2,000 I’ve won from them in about 3 months was too much and is clamping down.

Funny thing is, that it doesn’t actually impact me. They lowered my limit down to what appears to be $400, and I’m doing max $100 bets right now.


@Alan425 I feel like we are in the same boat as far as which books we can bet at amongst other things. I got limited for the first time after I hadn’t even won much off of Bovada. It didn’t affect me much at first, but they came down harder on basketball. I can only bet like $50 max on NBA games now. I can only bet like $6 on other basketball leagues lol.

I am really hoping the other sports pick up the slack soon because basketball has carried tennis, soccer, and esport for me in a big way so far.