my first week getting done


barely on positive side. CLV a lot better.

how are you guys hitting it? should I drop to 10hours limit for values but much less bets? or should I just trust on system and keep going with this?

also ready to give up totally

Hello mate, it’s sad to get in this number of bets and still not be at expected profit, i have personally experienced variance in almost all ways and I’m talking month long variance over a span of 5k bets, variance over a span of 3k bets, you name and i have seen it😅 and the only way proven and tested to overcome it is to PLACE MORE BETS. 1000 might be a reasonable sample for starters but it’s not enough according to the law of large numbers, to completely fade away luck/variance one has to have atleast 5k bets(there’s still a tiny chance of variance). Head High and keep going champ, it will pay off. Try to get in 5k and I’m sure you’ll be alright by then. Think long-term and minimize checking bet tracker to maybe once in two days.

If changing settings might give you some solace then go ahead, they look alright though. Maybe drop time to 12H and make sure you place a lot of bets on the weekends, I’m talking total of 400 bets on fri, sat, sun if you use a high volume book like bet365.

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ok, immidiatly when ranting here I got little up swing :slight_smile: maybe this will work out. just put the head down and keep on grinding

last weekend I placed 670 bets. If I drop the time to 12 hours, doesn’t that drop also the amount of bets?

For weekdays, it does. For weekends, it doesn’t as lots of bets will come through regardless of setting, so if anything it’s best to pick the best ones i.e the bets with high value and short time to match start (6 hours), you’ll be able to turnover your bankroll atleast twice

maybe I try to go monday-thursday with 20 hours and friday drop to 8 hours for the weekend and see what happens

lol, leovegas(unibet clone) limited me before hitting 24 hours there, 50 bets and profit 1 euro. I even played at casino to show that I’m regless :slight_smile: cycled about 400 euros in casino and lost 50 but they limited me… oh well that isn’t my best book so not so big problem, but I will cycle small bets until they lock me out :slight_smile: