My journey, started Sept 2022, now down to only 2 and a half bookies (over 16,000 bets)

Thought I’d share with the community my results, and tribulations on my short journey from Sept until today.

I got shutdown by some bookies pretty much instantly, bet365 for some reason kept going and going for a good 2 or so months before being banned, I only have ladbrokes left at 50p-£1 bet restrictions along with Smarkets and Betfair.

My profit and targets have dropped drastically since losing all the bookies, however trust the process, patience as P2P sites do not offer value as much as bookies, what with the % to pay on winnings etc.

No ones getting rich here, however allows me to do stuff like by my son what he actually wanted for his birthday a pair of £350 Nike shoes, without this I would not been able to get them for him.

I started with a 500 bank and now sit just short of £2k



Hi, how many bookies have you lost in total? did you start with many or only been using bet365 and ladbrokes? did you get restricted with Bet365 first then the ban or was it straight to being banned?

11 in total, most was restricted heavily or banned within 2 weeks, bet365 got like 6 weeks out of, the rest were on my case pretty much straightaway.

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Brilliant attitude m8!
That’s the best way to spend those winnings. Got me tearing up over here.

And great results too. Keep it up!


Hi m8, i am looking at your stats from smarkets and betfair but i can see that you are not able to get any profits from these exchanges. Do you still use them ? I tried betfair in the past but i did not really have any success with them. I am from UK

Betfair is not great, I had to lower my % right down to 1.5 to get anything on Betfair, Smarkets has worked out alot better for me, I’ll see if I can single stats out for each one and come and post it here.

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that would be great to see some positive results, thanks man

As you can see the difference even a few days makes to last posting, so this is my updated chart and stats as of today, since the start we can now see Smarkets is in profit.

In the second picture is stats from February only where Im down to just 3. However you can see Smarkets is doing very well now, just stick with it, trust the process and law of averages should bring it back to it’s mean eventually.

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April continues to be fantastic, even with Betfair in the negative, April is extremely positive with just the 3 sites I can use.

How much were you betting? How do they know what your doing to ban you?

Yield seems low and so does your average stake considering you have turned over 100k in bets? Keep going with the exchanges and maybe review your setting and filters.

Nope, it’s working, trust me when I say i’ve done 100 different settings and this is working really well for me right now, don’t fix what’s not broke.

Of course average stake is low I started with a 500 bank at like 3-5 per bet, and now most my bets are on ladbrokes restricted down to £1-£3, I have stated all this above and you can see Ladbrokes is also the most bets I get per month. Don’t need to tell you how averages work, but if you don’t understand £1-£3 per bet consistently is gonna bring it down alot.
Also if you read the thread I’ve stated about how i’ve had to bring the % down to 1.5 to allow betfair to show bets. Just a case of reading the thread.

Example of my ladbrokes, RB asking me to put £23 down on this bet, but ladbrokes says no.

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Have quite some interest with people DM’ing me etc.

My yield is low yes, but I hoped if people read my thread they would see I need to lower my % as betfair and smarkets don’t allow for much value, but it does offer it nonetheless but mostly very low between 1.5% and 2.0%, which is why my yield is low, but there’s one saying I always like to say with any of my money making ventures online is:

I prefer 1% of something than 10% of nothing.
This is where I see most people fail, or give up with such systems, greed!
I been told 1.5% is too low, you won’t make enough, well I’ve proved that wrong, the very same person has shown me their april results and they are actually in a negative for the month and they are set to 3.0%, double my setting, yet they’ve lost money and I’ve made money, SO i’ll say it again if it helps anybody who is facing that Greed feeling.


This weekend been excellent and actually pushed my yield up to 2.14 from 1.90 in 1 weekend, so I’m happy about that :slight_smile:

Any money makes money situation is always more psycological than the skill at the job. You can give the very same system to 10 people, and they would all come out with different results, simply down to the psycological side of it.
I’ve played and studied poker and forex since 2011, the mental side of the game, since I focused on the mental side I seen both profits in poker and forex rise tenfold because I no longer angry when I lose, or go into marginal hands trying to win what I lose back faster.

Same applies to this too, i’ve seen countless people now give up value betting because they lost money for a week, a week is NOTHING, you will lose money in this game consistently, but you trust the process, don’t let the losses affect you mentally and just keep doing it, hell I had a downswing for over a month!!! from mid December to end of January as you can see from my chart, I consistently lost and lost and lost and lost, but I didn’t care, as I know how law of averages work and it will mediate itself, whether it takes a day, a week or a month it will eventually go for the mean again. In this time people would give up, with threads like it doesn’t work, or I just keep losing money. Then they go onto the next thing, and rinse and repeat.

At this rate I feel like I could work for RB on the mental side of things lol help those that are struggling, not with the system or their settings, but the mental side of it,



Great post and this quote is pure gold: “I prefer 1% of something than 10% of nothing
I’ll take a yield of 1.5% any day on bookies or exchanges that do not limit you!

Hi, glad to hear it’s reached someone, as long as I reach 1 person with such a quote, and to truly believe it then I feel my job is done.

Of course I want more money, of course I want more yield, people commenting like I do it on purpose, it’s just what works with my current heavy limitations, I will continue to update at least on a fortnightly basis so anyone following can watch my progress.


Super post. I needed to see that others , like me, ( gubbed to death) can still keep going and I liked the bit about forex/poker…as Ive struggled with Value betting over the last couple of months, being sick to death of losing, and started to favour my Sure betting, but Value betting is bound to give more profit over th elonger term, so Im doing both again now…and trying to stop looking at weekly charts ! :slight_smile:


It seems that you get almost 4 times as many bets on Smarkets compared to Betfair. I almost always find that the Betfair odds have changed by the time I get to the correct market and hence it is difficult to place the bets…

Im surprised no one has asked this. But were they all new accounts? Did you just open them and start value betting straight away? Did you do any other types of bets like bet builders or accas in between? (they say doing some will make your account look more realistic and not value betting)

What stakes were you betting with towards the end?

I assume you bet on everything rebel betting told you to? all sports and all types etc

Have been doing value for about 2 weeks now and got up to about 650 but now swung down to just over 500 - Bit concerned about the reliance on Bet365 and 10bet - Anyone with good tips for staying on these?
Got limited by about 4 bookies so far - I’m assuming I will need to use a broker soon to place, does this sound about right?