My journey with automatic betting

I’m developer, and I created script for automatic betting (for now, I got it only for bet365), I’m testing it

script started from 11.12 … it can automatically log in, find bet, check if odd is different (if yes, it will recalculate stake) and more other checks … when odd changed, it is trying to bet same odd every 3 minutes

value 2% - 15%, odds 1.5-5.5, max 72 hours, all sports and all bet types), 30% kellys, max stake 1%

458 bets, profit -26€, exp.profi 40€, turnover 928€
yield -2.82%, EV 4.35%, ROI -0.87%, avg stake 2€, avg odds 3.09

  1. what do you think about my journey ? settings ?
    I think, it doesn’t look good

  2. I think, something is not good when you look at the placed bets per day - it should be more than 50-100 bets per day (for bet 365) … after last software update (16.12) there are less bets per day

  3. bet365 bets are shown too late, most of them are pretty “old” … I got 440 placed bets, 450 not placed bets (counting only unique bets) and totally 1700 not successull attempts (there can be more attempts to place bet)

  • so, only HALF of all bet365 bets are valid/actual/already exists on bet365, when bet appear

hey pooler i just signed up few minute ago and i’m still adjusting to the platform. I’m a newbie developer, that’s what got my attention to your post, nice work. can i work with your script?

I spent too much hours to create it, it’s not for sale … I can just offer you to test it, but you will not have access to code

Tighten the odds. 1.5-2.9 is good enough.
Try removing the over/under market to see if you get better results.
72 hours is a lot if you ask me. try 6 hours

my second account, only bet365:

@Simon is Winter “bad period”, or what’s happening ?? is this normal ??

odds 1,5-3, value min 1%, 30% kellys, avg 2€, max 24h, max 1% stake

600bets, 570€ turnover, avg stake 1€

1500 bets is not that much, and with average odds 2.3 this doesn’t tell you much other than you’ve been unlucky:

Change the odds to 1.5-2.5 to reduce the variance
Value 1% is to low. Change it to 3% at least.
24h is to much, change it to 6.

I personally skip Over/under market in rebel and don’t play the first halv market. (Soccer)

Hi Simon,
Where did you find that calculator?



It’s an internal tool. We will release it after we’ve made some improvements.

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Hi Pooler,

You read my mind with the automatic betting script. Great work. I’d be interested to be a tester for you if the offer still stands. Thanks.


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