My proposal for a partner

Greetings to you all from Nigeria, apologies to the mods if you find my post spammy or offending. And to my readers forgive me for such a long and error filled post.

I am a Nigerian, I have being lurking around this forum for over a year, I have tried and fail miserably trying to raise funds to start value betting. Someone here recently offered me a whooping 1 year rebelbetting pro subscription for just €400, still I couldn’t raise the funds to pay him. For over a year and 4 months I could only save $300.

I work a 9-5 hour job, and my monthly pay if converted to dollar is around $85, worst of all I have been on this job for 4 years with little or nothing to show for it, no promotion, or benefits of any sort. After subtracting my living expenses and transportation to work, I have virtually nothing left.

I have paper traded using the trial versions of BB, TMS, and RB, So I have a little experience.

On that note I intend seeking a partnership between a member here on starting value betting properly. Here are what I am proposing

  1. Since I don’t have the needed funds, a would be partner will provide funds for the rebelbetting subscription, betting accounts funding. He will only give me access to the rebelbetting and betting accounts, I will act like a bot placing all the bets all day. For safety and trust reasons I will have no single access to either funding methods or email linked to any of the betting accounts. I will be more or less like a bot whose only job is to place bets.

If along the line my partner’s betting accounts gets limited, and he can’t source for betting accounts. I can provide fully verified Neteller, or Skrill accounts linked to bet365, Williamhill, betvictor, and a few foreign bookies. For safety reasons both the email, passwords, and every other security info linked to these accounts (bookies accounts, Neteller/Skrill, email and passwords) will be handed over to my partner, and he will have 100% control over the said accounts and email access. He can change the passwords whenever he likes.

Due to the poor standard of living in my country, Sourcing for fully verified betting accounts with verified payment option linked, with email access, will not cost me more than $50 - $60. And from my findings the cost of sourcing these accounts can be recovered through matched betting, using bet365, and betvictor awesome welcome offers. Because these accounts will be brand new, that will be created by me. Lots of people here are ready to give me their verification documents (national ID card/passports, driving license etc) for the amount stated above.

With all these in place, me and my would be partner will agree on a profit sharing basis, and that will be after removing the cost of operation like account sourcing, subscription, etc. Such a payment structure will spur me on to place more bets daily, because I will be doing this almost fulltime. As such I will only receive a pay when we make profits.

I can go to any length to prove my credibility and commitment, because I intend doing this for the long-term. Believe you me there is so much potential for profits.

If you guys have questions or wants to make more inquiries, I recommend asking your questions here, so that other readers can read and gain more insights on my proposal. Until then Stay safe and keep slaying the bookies.

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Yeah, tough time in the country. Goodluck in your endeavours mate. I’m Nigerian too.

Glad meeting a Nigerian here, tough time indeed bro, thank you very much bro. I wish to be like you one day in milking the bookies dry. Continue slaying the bookies.

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I have two questions:

  • How much for initial bankroll you need ?
  • How much percentage for profit sharing you want ?

Hi thanks for your questions

  1. $1700 - 2000 should be enough for a start. Here are the breakdown:

$1000 will be my starting bankroll, $700 for at least 5 - 6 months rebelbetting betting subscription for either the stater or pro package. But I think I will be using the starter package for a start in order to cut cost. Then the balance will be used for betting account sourcing and funds replenishment.

2)For now, I haven’t really decided on a profit percentage yet. The goal for now is to place as much bet as possible, and see what we can make as a profit, after a month. I am open for favourable profit sharing percentage.

In worst case scenario, I can even start with a $500 bankroll. And try to compound profits for at least 3 months, in order increase the bankroll.

Once again thanks for your inquiries, stay safe.

Hi Hustler!
I will probably be shot down for appearing negative here. You have made everyone aware of how difficult it is in your circumstances from a financial point of view. I dont doubt you will work hard and place as many bets as time/bank will allow , and hope to reinvest…and I applaud that…and I have placed > 42000 value bets and 5500 Sure Bets before being unable to place more.
You do need to be going into this EYES OPEN though.
Value betting offers NO GUARANTEE you will win money from a $500 bankroll or any other size for that matter. You could end up broke. Nobody can assure you will win every bet …and you will need to go through 1000s of bets to show a good chance of likely profit.
Ive been there and even when you are showing profit , you will go through stretches of time when you just continually lose money ( its called Variance) …before hitting a recovery…( which is also not guaranteed, but likely)
Finally, even when you are winning …you will end up
getting gubbed and restricted by the best Soft Bookies…so my recommendation is KEEP YOUR JOB, and see this as a side hussle.
I hope you can prove me wrong and DM me after you are going for 12 months so I can congratulate you.
Good luck and best wishes!

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@Audiman thanks for unbiased and and honest opinion. Just like you said I make no guarantees that profits will be made, this is value betting and I guess each member here is aware that there are no guaranteed profits. Are there even guarantees to LIFE itself? The guarantees I can make are:

1)Placing bets on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I am willing to dedicate at least 8-10 hours daily doing this.

2)I can guarantee that I won’t run out of betting accounts to place bets. Account restrictions are normal and unavoidable in this line of trade. But getting accounts to place bets wouldn’t be much of a struggle.

And as for continuing my job, no matter hard it gets, going back to that life sucking job isn’t an option for me. I have wasted lots of years on that job, with practically nothing to show for it. And guess what? I was just notified of a 10% salary slash for the new year. The little saving I have can carry for at least 6 months.

I am currently enrolled in Harvard’s CS50 computer science course. I intend dedicating 2-3 years in learning a tech related skill. Going back to that job is not an option for me.

By the way is the pro rebelbetting subscription offer you gave me earlier on still open?
Once again thanks for your candid opinion.

Hi Hustler,

This is a fairly interesting proposition, however I do think there needs to be a few amendments to what you suggested.

I think you need a pro subscription (I’d want a CLV of c7%)
You need a fairly significant initial bankroll ($5k+) with top ups as required

When you say you get get new accounts, what country would they be “registered in” & what currency?

How long would it take to open a new account? How would initial funding into these accounts work?

Thanks in advance

Hi gman,

Thanks for your questions. For sure the pro package will almost guarantee a higher clv compared to the starter package. My starter package option isn’t carved in stone, my would be partner will definitely have the final say in terms of subscription package and starting bankroll.

The figures and package I stated earlier are the bare minimum I can work with, if a would be partner wants to invest more for an even greater profit, I have no issue with that. After all he will have 100% control over the Skrill/Neteller and the betting accounts.

The accounts for now will be Nigerian accounts, and the currencies can be either $, €,£ but due to its popularity, and wide acceptance I usually prefer the $. The 2 sets of accounts I have currently are denominated in $.

Creating new accounts shouldn’t take more than a day or 2 except there is a delay in bookies, or Neteller verification. These individuals already have documents to create these accounts. My plans for the initial funding process are as follows:

  1. First I will give the login info and email access of the betting accounts to my partner, so that he can check and confirm if any payment option has been linked to the account or not.

  2. I will give him the login info and email access to the Neteller/Skrill account I intend linking to the betting accounts. So that he can link both accounts. And complete the funding process himself.

  3. Then he will change the login info of the email linked to both the Neteller/Skrill and betting accounts. This is to guarantee the safety of his funds.

4)The last and final step is my partner giving me the login info to the betting accounts and his rebelbetting account, so that bet placing can begin. For security reasons I don’t think I will be needing the login info to the Neteller/Skrill. I will only withdraw to the accounts. And he can replenish if funds in betting account is low.

Once again thanks for your inquiries, stay safe.

sounds interesting, would you be willing to bring 2 x Bet365 accounts initially, without cost?

What % would you be wanting?

Yes I can, One aged bet365 created in 2018, and one brand-new bet365 account. I want to lower my expectations for now as such I have no fixed % . What % would you consider a fair deal? To be honest sharing % is not my utmost goal for now placing the bets and securing the profits first is my main goal, after which I and my partner can both agree on a fair %. I don’t want to count my eggs before they are being hatched. Thanks for your inquiries.

Also for those who have betting accounts, and a value bet subscription, and for one reason or the other couldn’t place bets. I can be placing the bets for you. I don’t need access to your payment portals only your betting accounts and RB accounts.

Picture me like a bot placing both prematch sure bets and value bets on your behalf. I have the time, favourable time zone almost the same time zone as that of the UK, guaranteed at least 6500 - 7000 placed bets monthly.

I wouldn’t want someone to place that many bets, you will reduce the CLV. I’m interested, keen to see the existing B365 account to see what its history is like, and see how easy it is to fund

Hi gman,

I was just just letting others know, that i am available in case they need someone that will be placing their bets. Of course if para eventually I find a willing partner that will invest my in my proposal, then such an offer or service of placing bets for others will be closed. I can’t do two things at the same time.

As for wanting to check out the account, how should we proceed then, telegram or WhatsApp?

Greetings to you all. Finally, I was able to raise $1000 on my own. After using the trial version of both rebelbetting and its major competitor TMS (apologies if I broke the community’s rules) I settled for the rebelbetting alternative. The experience so far has been awesome. Deposited $300 on my bet365 and has currently doubled it in about 5 days after around 500 bets. Posting a competitor’s interface on this forum may seem too extreme I would have posted dashboard pictures.

I learned a lot about value betting from this great community, posts, and contributions from most of you like LM10, SamBuca, EnLilaSko, SamBuca, Audiman, and others too numerous to mention have really helped in my learning journey.

Although currently performing far far above my EV, I am very much prepared for variance. And those nice little prints being displayed by the scanner when it refreshes help me keep to reality. I owe a lot to this community, and I will always be here. Thank you all for your contributive posts, and articles. May the odds forever be in our favor.


Happy to hear my man! Good that you are ready for some variance, it will come sooner or later.

Wishing you all the best.

It’s already here not bothered though. I have tasted the highs let’s see how low the lows get, I care more about account safety than variance. Being able to place at least 1000 bets before restriction is my utmost target. Thanks for your nice posts and tips.

Great start. No need to worry about the negative variance. Of course it will come and so will positive variance but it is all math and probabilities. As long as you do not overstretch you funds you will be fine!
No need to care about account safety if you have unlimited access to B365 accounts. One question though… how do you obscure your IP?
Keep bleeding the bookies.

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Thank you very much. Currently using my very first bet365 account, I have 10 close friends who are willing to create new accounts for me at no cost. And there are over 20 willing to create new accounts for a very low cost. I haven’t been restricted on my first account yet.

As for masking and covering my footprints, this is what am currently working on, and I’m yet to conclude on any of the options below.

1)Create a virtual machine for an account, and link to a brand new SIM for an Internet connection. Once that account is restricted. Delete that virtual machine then rinse and repeat.

2)I have a new PC, value bet on it, and once an account on that PC is restricted, factory reset it or install a Windows version different from the previous one.

3)Rent an RDP for solely value betting, once an account is restricted on that RDP, trash it, rinse, and repeat.

4)Use an anti detect and fingerprint browsers like multi-login, go-login, etc

Once the number of restricted accounts is large, around 10 - 20, depending on the max allowed stake. Look for how to automate the process of placing bets. 10 accounts restricted to $1 stakes will still be worth it for me.

Given the grey area of multi-accounting, I intend to use only a few reputable bookies like bet365 for this.

Can you please explain what you meant by overstretching my funds? Thanks.


I can hit every bet I place I’ll do it if you can provide Swedish accounts.