My results after 2000 bets

Hi all,

Thought i’d share my results after 2000 bets. Has taken me just over a month to place this many bets.

Quite disappointing profit wise so far, as i’ve spent about £400 in membership costs so isn’t much profit considering the amount of time spent. However, I feel I have just been getting unlucky as I’m way behind my CLV profit. So hopefully my luck picks up soon.

My lowest point was -£300, was floating around there for a few weeks. Then I had a good couple days, my highest point being £1100 profit.

Thanks for reading!


What are your settings?

These are my settings. Usually I have

the time before match start at about 24hrs, but have it lower atm as its Saturday.


Those settings are alright.
When you bet on basketball I suggest that you stick to over 4% and less than 4h.