My results after about 1 month of value betting and 1500 bets placed

So I now have been value betting seriously for about a month and placed around 1500 bets, I have made a decent profit of about 500 euros and also about 150 euros on my previous account. So in total about 650 euros minus two months of subscription fees.
I understand that it takes time but I feel like I could do better if I switch up my tactic, but I don’t know exactly how.
I would really appreciate input on what I could change to make bigger profits.
Here are the results and my settings:

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I would say that you should at least double the amount of bets. It looks that you have been betting for about two to three months and 1600 bets is not really that many bets in that period. It should not be difficult since you have quite “open” filter settings.

I think I started around early July and right now I have three good bookmakers where I do not get shutdown instantly. What I personally think have limited my profits are partially that I made some big mistakes in the begninning and also that I for most of the time have been betting with adjust for open bets on. But I dont know, there could be other parimiters involved. Also I gotta deal with my 9-5 job and other stuff so I unfortunately cannot be on the betting game 24/7.

I don’t think there is much for you to complain as your results are actually pretty damn good. With a bet size like yours you really can’t expect making huge monthly profits.

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Du spelar väl fortfarande inte, men stort misstag du ha verkat göra är att ha på adjusted for open bets. Det försämrar omsättningen drastiskt tyvärr.