My Results in 60 days ROI 295% 🙂



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Seriously? Sharing settings and findings will go a long way for the members of this community. I didn’t send/export because i couldn’t… I’m sure people had different reasons for not sending eg people on the basic plan.

One thing this community has flourished on is information. Helpful information(especially settings, results, presets) is the backbone of this community and choosing to put some sort of restriction to it just doesn’t make sense as we’ve all benefitted from free information on here in one way or the other. I have information; i contribute/share, I don’t have information; i strive to source/do research and still share because it benefits others. If everyone on here was to do the same then I’m sure this forum wouldn’t be as resourceful to you and me.

Take the rebel team for example, they go the extra length by providing yield on markets, yield on sportsbooks, yield on sports and other insights at the request of her members even though it’s been published on her site already(monthly) and they have no obligation of doing so again and again. They could simply choose to not do so as it’s been published on the site already yet…

I’ve placed a lot of bets(30k) and can say there’s no one size fits it all for settings cos of factors such as timezone, bookmakers, bankroll etc. Your high yield is also as result of variance(i also hit a good streak of variance in my first month returning an roi of 400+% in my first month after placing more than 5k bets), that is not say your settings haven’t impacted it. One has to configure to their taste. With that being said, your data your rules.

This’s is constructive criticism, your data your rules but i advise you to dissuade from such especially in a forum like this where no one knows it all. Always try to leave a place better than you found it. Cheers and goodluck on your journey.

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Well I pooled data with Rui, and he shared the combined results, and also shared his data. The data is valuable. If members want in on it they can share their data.
LM10, you and I had a previous discussion when the competing service, where you are a member, did NOT share the best settings since “they did nor want to much competition” on those bets. I found that unethical, since they are selling the service while at the same time competing, and benefitting with data that members provide with each and every bet.

Having said all this; Rui still have very few bets but the yield is fantastic.

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By best settings you mean joonas settings? If yes, then i think reading this post by @duckingfegen will give you some insight as to why it isn’t possible as he doesn’t have any so called “settings”

Especially the last part where he said if you have to ask…

It’s not like there are any direct filters for winning on the sharps, there’s not i tell you this with certainty.

When betting on sharps, your preset will be configured around an edge that you have discovered, say something like; pinnacles under 1.5,1st half, 3 days before game time for Singapore league 3rd division are over valuead(:sweat_smile: just a very random example of an edge, they might not be this complicated though), you can then configure your preset to cough up this type of bets with your preset configured around this edge.

Betting on sharps is a whole new ball game. Let’s enjoy our time on softs while it last. I personally wouldn’t share an edge i discovered on sharps on here if i haven’t exploited it to my satisfaction, most this edges don’t even last for long, some last for just 6 months before it’s corrected by the bookmaker. Joonas edge must’ve expired by now and he’s probably on another edge if he hasn’t stopped for personal reasons, or because he couldn’t find another edge. That’s just how it is on the sharps.

We on the softbooks, it’s a different ball game hence why we…

LM10, I don’t understand your indignation. You sent me a private message whose contents I won’t fully disclose as it could jeopardize your position as a moderator of this community. You asked me to share my data with you, which I did in the trust that you would share something with me (as a moderator), but you didn’t even bother to respond, thank me, or answer some questions. I classify this as unfriendly. You prefer that I hand over settings and write down results that you yourself can analyze. All of this was built at great cost with the collaboration of some members of this community who kindly shared reports with me for analysis, which led me to a sample that conveyed minimally reliable results. All the people who shared reports with me received analyses resulting from them. I drew my conclusions and sent the best settings for sport and market. To give you an idea of what the analyses involved, a spreadsheet of approximately 2 GB of information was constructed, in which hundreds of mathematical formulas were inserted to analyze millions of probabilities (sport, market, odds, hours before the start of a match, bet value, let’s say 20% of all columns and rows that you can extract from a report). What do I ask in return? Reports from the PRO version. Not everyone has the PRO version, no, not everyone does. However, I started with a bankroll of £900 and invested in the PRO version if I wanted to learn something. Whether my strategy is the best or not, only time will tell. I have been dedicated to statistical and management analysis for over 30 years and have built an analysis sheet that shows me what results could be obtained if certain settings were applied based on past bets. I invested my time, my academic qualifications, and professional experience, and that is priceless. I only ask for reports. However, for your information, RB is building a tool that does the same or more, but you will surely have to pay for that service. I must mention that I know nothing about sports or their participants. I only understand numbers, probabilities, and statistics. A tip for you, quantity does not mean quality, and you can compare today’s results with yesterday’s; they have been consistent and could be much better with the filters I suggested in this community. Please don’t take my response badly, but think carefully before you write. Kisses.

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This’s what will jeopardize my position as a moderator?:sweat_smile:

Please kindly point out any wrong in this and i will gladly step down as moderator :slightly_smiling_face:

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And this’s is what i meant by i had better control over my filters, hence my reason for asking to see if the settings your learned/discovered in your findings could be applied to mine as i can tweak my settings with better versatility.

When did you share? I’m yet to receive any message/email/reply from you, if you’re gonna send then i say thank you in advance.

Yes we in the community were looking forward to seeing the filters and reports your research and data crunching yielded, so you have to understand that we(i) were surprised when it was restricted to people who sent reports only.

I think, not sure though…i tagged some rebel staff to forward you(or someone on here, i can’t remember) some data when you or they were inquiring.

Take people onhere for example, most of them had given up on basketball even with the frequent yield reports the rebel team were posting. I came on here and suggested 4% 4hour setting, that’s how it’s meant to be here, no one sent data or did anything for that, they just asked and i gladly shared that information.

If your message doesn’t compromise your response, it definitely compromises because a moderator is a person responsible for supervising and managing the discussion in a forum, discussion group, social network, chat room, or any other virtual environment where users interact. The moderator’s role is to maintain order, ensure that the rules of the virtual environment are followed, remove offensive or inappropriate messages, and generally ensure that the virtual environment is a safe and respectful place for all users. Depending on the context, the moderator may have different responsibilities and authorities, but their main function is always to ensure that the interaction between users is positive and constructive.

I am not even sure that the data can be applied to other providers of value bets. They do not use the same algorithm to identify and assign value to bets.
Keep the discussion civil.
@Lm10 @Rui It might be simple case of miscommunication or an e-mail getting stuck in spam filter? Please sort out any misunderstanding through DM instead of here.

Rui, moderators do not have access to some secret cache of information or to the deep inner workings of the software (I wish I had though). Lm10 does not have any data from RB to share with you.


I kind of agree with most of that…

I asked/inquired on behalf of others because my sole aim was to share with others as that will keep the discussions positive, helpful and straight to the point right? Atleast people onhere will have a setting they can be jolly about as they will see your high yield and be confident in the setting, also that i will learn from it and patch any loopholes in mine. Please tell me how the PM i sent was against my duty as a mod, i also sent it as a normal user excited and wanting to hear what another user had to share, is sending PM not allowed in this forum again? Even PM’s asking for help? Maybe this isn’t a big deal to me because I’m always willing to help others and won’t really make a fuss out of something this petty. For you, maybe that’s not the case and you like to keep your info to yourself. Like i said; your data your rules, i will always encourage you to share though as this community is built on sharing information. I wouldn’t have messaged you if you shared, but all’s cool.

Ahah, like @totrashbin01 guessed, it was a miscommunication. It’s always better to reply from the forum directly and not via email from my experience here.

If i had received this, then i will have tried my everything in capacity to help. I’m sure i would’ve even gone as far as asking Simon, Bjorn, Lars and others for this. Anyways, all’s cool. Thank you.

I can’t export bets on tm😅 bummer!

I know that moderators do not have access to RB data, I just asked for personal reports the same way you shared with me. I will not engage in discussions in any way, as I do not make money from it. I have developed an analysis tool for those who contribute with personal reports in exchange for the results of joint analyses from various members. I consider this to be a fair exchange, but I will consider not posting anything in the community anymore.