Adventures of trading on Betfair

I saw some of you were curious about sharps and who does them, therefore I’m going to start a log, in case there is demand for it. I also do bets on BetOnline, but Betfair is my main site currently.

I started one week ago, but I have prior sport trading experience. If you have any questions feel free to ask, however due to the competitive nature of trading such sites, I’m not going to answer how or what I’m betting exactly, but to be frank, if you have to even ask before going in, I don’t think you should be betting on sites like Betafair at all.

Having said that, my results: Week 1:


Another site (won’t name, not here to advertise) - started only 3 days ago:

If there is demand for it, I will post future updates.

PS.: I have very strong reason to believe RebelBetting is miscalculating my EV (not due to my results). We will see down the road, as currently my results aren’t statistically significant by any means.


Thank you for keeping this documented, I am also dipping my thoes in the sharpies but I’ve only been using smarkets at the moment.

Those avg stakes looks juicy, I wish I was able to place those big amounts but since I am from Belgium and Smarkets and Betfair is “illegal” here I don’t have the balls to deposit a few K’s on these sharps since they could close my account if they found out.

My current Yield on smarkets is 7.1% but the avrage MAX stake size is only 30-40€ per bet before the liquidity is gone. (not to mention you only have a few seconds to place the bet)

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Crazy good results!! I’m trying to find out how to avoid bookies due to restrictions and ban otherwise I’ll need too many Bet365 every year. I tried with Sharps but the edge was really small,with exchanges I’ve done just little tests, checking the odds of valuebets on bookies trying to match them on exchanges. The problem was that most of the time I’ve been matched only if the odds were going against me, often losing the bet at the end! Thanks a lot and keep us updated on your journey!

Wow 7.1% is pretty high on Sharps, is just variance or with lots of valuebets already? Thanks

Just variance, I only was able to place 280 bets on smarkets in the last 2 months since the odds change in a few seconds

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Yeah that was my issue too