My results so far (always open to suggestions)

Been using RebelBetting now for dead on 6 weeks, and I’m really happy with the results so far! Started with a £1000 bank roll, and now today I’ve just gone above £20 stakes.

I have a few questions though or I guess I’m looking for feedback or suggestions. For my journey so far, I’ve effectively only used bet365, and with only 1 filter. I use minimum value 6%, max 20. Also, time to match start is always up to 24 hours.

I’ve seen some different opinions on here on various different minimum value settings and time to match start and it got me thinking if I could do better. Perhaps changing these or having more filters for certain times of the week could help me get a higher CLV? Noticed I don’t get a lot of bets come through at the start of the week also, could perhaps lower my minimum value?

Overall very happy though, would be very grateful for any feedback!:blush: