My settings after getting gubbed by just merely 246 on Bet365 after 3 weeks

Hi all.

I tried to use a conservative betting strategy to keep me under the radar for as long as possible.
I tried to only place bets on one sport (tennis) with common main lines such as “Win” and “AsianHandicap”. Merely a total of 330 bets have been placed and I have been gubbed from Bet365 with 246 bets, Leovegas with 25 bets and MrGreen with 12 bets. MarathonBet limits me according to the tourmament size though. Sometimes I get a full staked bet in depending on the tourmament.
I will say that my Bet365 and other accounts as well have been used for almost two years of playing on promotions. No bets have been placed with a negative EV doing those years. This is probably a big reason.
What is your thoughts? Should I have been placing bets more aggressive?