My value betting journey

So I started with valuebetting on 2 November.
Min Value: 2%
Max Value: 99% ( never seen a higher value than 15%)

Min odds: 1,5
Max odds: 4,00

Time match start: 12 hours BUT I only place bets untill max 6 hour upfront unless I have no time for the next 12 hours.

Around 50-100 bets daily

Start stake: €300

Bookmakers: Bwin, Betway, ladbrokes, Unibet, Betfirst

I have since the start only went to a max profit of € 9. Even tho with the insane amount of Value bets available daily it stays at the end of a day -30. Hopefully the varience will be less after many more bets & I will go into profit to eventually have a higher stake.
I believe in the maths but it currently does not look good.


Sorry to hear that you had a rough start. Variance can be tough sometimes.

However, you need a bigger sample size of bets to reduce the variance - at least a couple of thousand bets. You should not draw any conclusions so early on after just a couple of hundred bets. Please read more about why the volume of bets matters.

I suggest you narrow down the odds range as well to reduce the variance. For more personal guidance, please contact me on our website chat and I’ll assist you further.

Please remember that we also offer profit guarantee. :slight_smile:

What about if we get gubbed by most of the bookies? Where can we achieve the same bet count to alleviate this loss and make math work in our favor?

€300 is not so much considering the monthly subscription of 69. You can use some bonuses. I have used many of them for VB. As far as I know, Sportingbet, Leovegas, Coolbet, Bethard, Betsson, Bet365, Rivalo, Interwetten and Bwin have 100% or at least 50% of first deposit bonus. Variance can be in both sides, take a look of my yesterday’s bets.

And these were my bets today. Almost recover all…

I Started out small and I increase my bankroll every time I am able to (Money I can miss IRL).

Because I live in Belgium, we do not get any bonusses anymore, our government is pretty lame.

250 bets later:

So what happend there suddently? Well an accident yesterday evening after going for a value bet for a match that would start in +0m. I accidently had a stake of 98 euro’s. The match wasn’t available anymore on Unibet after it started so there was no cash out option. All I did was change the stake in the tracker to “€98” and it was a win (luckily)

Atleast since the accident everything is going very nice. I am having profit the last 24 hours (not including the mistake)