My value betting results - €1000 start balance

It’s been a week since I started my pro subscription.

These are my settings:


And these are my results:

Starting balance is €1000. Deposited €500 to bet365 and €300 to Unibet. Both accounts are personal and used for matched betting (welcome offers).

I was hoping to place at least 50 bets a day but I wasn’t able to find that many, maybe it’s my timing or because not much is being played at the of the year.

I’ll try to update my results every few weeks or so.

Very good results! You should update your bankroll

Yeah, it’s not too bad for now, I’ll probably update the bankroll every €500 move or so

you’ve set you max odds quite low. any reason?

I’m still new to this but I dont find max 2.4 low at all. It also helps with reducing variance. I think betting on stuff between 1.7 - 2.3 is the sweet spot. But I’ve also seen people succeed with avg odds over 2.4 so idk, I may increase it a bit in the future.

Sadly, bet365 disabled the cashout option and has restricted my stakes today. Too bad because a few days ago, they gave me 15 euro in credits.

My second bet365 account got restricted today. It only survived a week of value betting.
Always used incognito browser with mobile data, but I may slipped once and used my home wifi. Dont know if that was the reason.

Still have 1 bet365 left, idk what to do differently.