My valuebet setup

Hi all,

I thought I would report on my set up. After month’s of tinkering with the settings and different bookmaker options I think I have finally settled on a sustainable model for bank growth. I only bet on Asian handicap and moneyline bets no OU or 1x2. I don’t bet on e-sports or tennis (For tennis bets I use winnerodds to great success until the tour shut down). My filters are set to minimum value 3.0 max value 12.0, odds 1.2 to 3.1. I effectively use 2 bookmakers. I use Asianodds, which is asianconnect’s version of mollybet. This gives me access to SBO, 3ET, 188 (Singbet), pinny and BetISN - although Valuebet doesn’t work with the last two bookmakers I get plenty of action with 3et, singbet and SBO. The other site I use is betconnect. Its essentially an exchange but it gives me access to the prices with bet365, betfred, Boyles, coral, unibet and Will Hill. Due to the nature of betconnect it is not always possible to get bets matched. However its still profitable and no change of getting banned or gubbed.

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Thanks for the report and well done for successfully value betting on sharps! This is very promising. What improvements would you like to see to make it even easier or more profitable?

Hi Simon,

Three features that I know others have mentioned, that I would also like to see:

  1. Closing line added to bettracker
  2. The ability to filter reports by date, country, league. For example, I never bet on friendly games. My justification for this is that friendly, particularly pre-season can be an opportunity for managers to try out new tactics and formations. This extra set of variables is too much of a rick for me. However I have no way of testing this theory at the moment.
    Also, let’s say for the month of July I changed my filter settings to a different odds range it would be useful to run a report for July to compare to previous months.
  3. Support for exchanges in the web app
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All good suggestions, and all of them are on our todo list.
Except filtering by league which might be tricky. We can possibly use league tiers.

Hi Thomas,

After a few months of VB, I now have a very similar set up to you- I am now mostly using Asianconnect/AsianOdds to get on prices where I can from SBO 3et & 188. I actually wasn’t aware that 188 & Singbet were the same thing until I read your post!

I also signed onto Betconnect after reading your post and on the surface it looked like a great tool to use for VB. However after using for a few days I find it hard to get my bets matched on there (maybe less so than smarkets/Betfair), I just wondered how often you manage to get bets macthed on there? Obviously it’s still a relatively new platform so I imagine it will get better with time as more people come onto it.



Hi Tom (most people call me Tom rather than Thomas),

According to my stats in betconnect I get 47% of my bets matched. However, what’s not clear from the interface is if that is for fully matched bets or it includes partially matched bets. Either way, it turns a profit for me and increases the range of prices available to me without the hassle of getting banned or restricted. Due to a history of match betting and a successful couple of years each way value betting horse racing, I’m banned or restricted with most major bookmakers available in the UK.

What I tend to do with my betconnect bets is check them all the following day either deleting the unmatched bets from bet tracker or editing the partially matched bets.

It is quite a new platform and I’m not entirely sure what the platform offers for those laying bets that they can’t get from a traditional exchange. However last night I got a £160 bet matched on the NBA, which is the biggest bet I’ve had matched on betconnect (unfortunately the bet lost!).

So yesterday I requested 14 bets on betconnect. Of these 7 were not matched, 2 were fully matched and the remaining 5 were partially matched.



Another feature request Simon,

How about the ability to record a composite bet? So, for example, let’s say I would like to stake £50 on a bet but Unibet will only take £30 but William Hill will take the other £20. It would be good to have the ability to record this in bettracker. It may be that the two bookmakers might have different prices which both represent value, so it would be useful if the system could record the aggregate price of the two bets on the same market.

For now you’ll have to place two bets. It will require you to set the option “hide bet” to just “current bookmaker”. Which is not ideal, but at least you get the “bet already placed” warning.

Automating this would require a lot of time and not something we have planned as of today.

Some Questions around betconnect, ive only started looking into it but I’m wondering would it work as a alterative to my grubbed accounts. Using the exchanges, betconnect and paying the RB fees would you turn a profit in the long term doing VB?

Also, I see people talking about liquidity, is this just on the lay bets? Are you doing lays on betconnect to avoid commission or what is the benefit?